Your Skin Factory

Nov 19th, 13

Making Skin Science Accessible 

Written by Dr Des Fernandes

Your Skin Factory is the eye-opening new book which is set to revolutionise the way beauty consumers think about skincare.

 Written by Dr Des Fernandes and Jennifer Munro, it explodes long-held skincare myths and cuts through advertising hype to bring you the truth about cosmetic claims.

 Dr Fernandes relates his ground-breaking discoveries on the most effective ways to maintain healthy and radiant skin, based on more than thirty years of research.  According to Dr Fernandes, skin can really be better, not just feel better, “Ageing skin is not inevitable, damage can be reversed.” 


*    Illustrated with striking photographic evidence.

   Demonstrates superior effectiveness of results-focused skin care.

   The ultimate support for everyone offering Environ products and treatments.


Salon exclusive range

Beware of fraudulent internet sellers of Environ Skin Care Products

It has come to our attention that several websites have been selling unauthorised Environ products. These products will not be guaranteed by Environ in the case of authenticity, defective product, allergy or reaction.

To ensure you are purchasing from an authorised retailer, please use the “Find a Salon” locator.


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